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GD counting exo’s standees at China airport 

he wants to know if it’s still ot12 or ot11

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yb taking it to a whole new level

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Greatest moment in recent Big Bang history

Greatest moment in recent Big Bang history

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really sick of people saying “it feels like it’s a cl interview, not 2ne1” the other girls can speak up if they’d like, cl’s not holding a gun to their heads and keeping them quiet, they just choose to let her speak because she obviously has the well thought out answers and can speak english the most comfortably out of all of them. they’re comfortable with letting her speak on their behalf so give it up this is so old.

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porcelaincrown asked, "Hi, I was wondering if you knew where this gif came from? post/15219310788"

it’s from the show strong heart, not sure which episode!


Nothing lasts foreverIn the end, you’ve changed.My frigidly cooled heart is still..missing you, missing you.

Nothing lasts forever
In the end, you’ve changed.
My frigidly cooled heart is still..
missing you, missing you.

#MAMA2013 Bigbang - Fantastic Baby (feat HyoHyun)

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hi i'm sabrina and i have a thing for jiyong's eyebrows. i used to post edits and gifs, but now it's mostly dumb text posts with occasional gifs.
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